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    New Artists Site

    that pretty nice =D did you code it yourself?
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    Music - Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate

    I love dark blue =D <333
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    Thank you guys for the support. Yea, manual focus would be freaking AWESOME! But, ill deal for now. Cant take any good action shots, though, which sucks =[
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    ahaha , no =.= my nokia phone, has a pretty good quality..
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    Choose A Profession For Person Above You!

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    What Programming Language should I learn?

    kk, so i'll start with C, thanks
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    What Programming Language should I learn?

    Yea, for basic applications? I dunno which one to learn... too many!
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    Uninstalling Joomla

    oh crap, i didnt see that, okay, thanks
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    Uninstalling Joomla

    Following filenames already exist in the main directory of the domain (path="/home/artsy/public_html/").You must manually remove these files before proceeding with auto-installation: administrator cache components images includes language libraries logs media modules...
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    All of my credits FREE

    I would like to have them =] but its your choice bro.
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    nope, droplets are real.
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    thank you =D
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    Gay Marriage?

    I don't understand, what is your exact reason for you not to approve of gay marriage? Is it because they can't in, any possible way, reproduce? Or is it because it doesn't seem right? No family in the modern world is "perfect". Societies can accept abortions, drugs, alcohol, genocide, but they...
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    What language is this?

    view-source: *copy and paste into address bar.*
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    Must Have Programs on the Computer

    Most antivirus programs also create firewalls and other protection computer programs