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    What scares you the most?

    i say the dark no idea what to expect :confused::confused::frown:
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    Define MVC Framework

    i find this a nice exmaple from w3schools hope it helps
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    How to recover forgotten passwords

    Interesting post mate thanks for info :)
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    [SEO] Page Optimization Tutorial

    Interesting article thanks 4 the info mate :)
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    Tutorial: PHP/MySQL Membership System

    Thanks :)
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    Cleaning dirty URLs

    Interetsing info Thanks
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    Purchasing RAM, any recommend brand?

    I have used kingston and havnt gotten any problems with it so far.
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    Backup Your System

    Backs ups are very important. Thanks for sharing all the different back up methods mates. Cheers :)
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    Intel vs AMD Processors

    I been using amd and it been working fine for me and the price it much cheaper.
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    Flushing your DNS

    Thnaks for sharing mate :)
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    How to make your site faster, smarter, and safer!

    Thanks for your info :) gonna check them out.
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    Dynamic Animated Signature Tags

    Thank you all the best for the new year.