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    Free hosting with my own domain name

    Thanks. ;)
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    Free hosting with my own domain name

    I've been a member here since 2008, but haven't had a site here for quite a while. Is it still possible to have my domain point to a free account?
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    If I had to use just one word to describe why I have been with x10 since January, 2008, it would be "TRUST". Corey and his staff make you feel at home. After only a few months, I felt comfortable enough to upgrade to one of their paid hosting plans. Best move I ever made. I have 3 domains...
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    Display a single multi cell table as two columns

    Looks great. THANKS I'm more of a tweaker than a coder. I spent 3 days searching for the answer. When finished, I'll submit it to the SMF Arcade team with you as a helper in the credits. Thanks again. By the way, if you're interested, you can join the site and help out...
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    Display a single multi cell table as two columns

    Actually, the whole file is attached in the first message above. It's a text file because x10 doesn't allow php files as attachments, that I could see. If you want to expose the code in a reply, go ahead.
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    Display a single multi cell table as two columns

    It might be a little easier to see what I mean, rather than try to explain it. The "Game List" is what I'm trying to make into two columns (one column consists of 4 rows) As is, the game lists is too long and takes up too much...
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    Display a single multi cell table as two columns

    This is probably the best table tutorial I've ever seen, but it doesn't quite answer my question. Don't get me wrong. With a little work, I can probably do it. The script already puts the info into one column of rows. My weakness is trying to make it display 2 columns of rows.
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    Display a single multi cell table as two columns

    To be more specific, I'd like to display a list of games in an arcade script to show as two columns, rather than the single column it's in now. Each row in the existing table has: game icon | linked name/description/high scores link | personal best score | champ's score For argument sake, I'm...
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    How do YOU feel about having kids?

    I'm a little older than most of you, so I can see both sides. (mainly because I was 37 when my twins were born) Yes, you have a lot more freedom without, but there's a sense of pride, joy, or whatever you want to call it after the child/children are born. I was scared crapless while my wife...
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    Diablo 3 or Starcraft 2???

    Never played Diablo, but I'm a big Starcraft fan. I mostly like making my own scenarios and stuff.
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    Are there any online games available?

    Futureshop had Starcraft 2 advertised for December release...
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    Me too. It's a lot easier. I also use a cheat sheet with a lot of stuff I use over and over. I just copy from it and make the changes. It saves a lot of time and errors.
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    Lets Settle This Once and For All, What Came first the chicken or the egg?

    Without reading everyone's answers, I would have to say the egg. The question doesn't say it was a chicken egg...just "the egg". I would have to assume that somewhere along the line, some species fertilized an egg that wasn't theirs. The chicken was created by this act.
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    Chrome launched by Google

    I'll stick with Firefox for a while. I've never been one to jump at every new thing that comes out. I haven't even switched to Firefox 3 yet, because my favorite skin isn't compatible with it yet. (Brushed Metal)