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    Designs that appeal to you

    cool. can I get some moooooreeeee input? :D
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    The GD Library is not enabled by default on my subdomain.

    It's my understanding that GD Library is a feature of INTERMEDIATE PHP. If you had a site before they changed the php settings and had intermediate, that has been returned set up again. However, if you made a site after that point, you have BASIC PHP which does not include GD Library.
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    Designs that appeal to you

    xav: does that fall under "other" ? heh
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    Problem with Stoli?

    Is there a way to check how much server load you're personally causing? I don't think I'd be causing a massive load on the server, but I also dunno that for sure, so I'd like to check. D:
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    Problem with Stoli?

    Hey, Derek, I know you're former staff, but do you know what's going on with stoli being up and down all the time (sometimes for a couple minutes, sometimes longer)?
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    Designs that appeal to you

    vol7ron: do you tend to ignore the header when it's huge and just scroll down to the content? (the usual type of "big header" site has a header that takes up most of the content area so all that most people can see is the headline for the page/post and the header may be rectangular or more like...
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    review my website

    8/10... My main problems are with the inconsistent colour scheme. Light blue font is difficult to read on light backgrounds ... and it seems like a wrong colour choice with your red header image. Consider changing your link colour to red to match the header or change the red in the header to...
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    Site Stability/Reliability

    I have the same problem with my site. It's about every half hour to an hour that pages don't load for a couple minutes (extremely slow) ... and about every 4-7 hours it dies entirely with the cannot find server message. Even under these conditions, x10 has the best free hosting amongst sites...
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    Designs that appeal to you

    Ah yeah... THAT aspect IS tedious. :( I also find that my CSS ends up like this epic novel about something really boring.... >>; Edit: Can I get some more input? :D
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    awesome XD I did end up joining colourlovers (u/n: dyreplus) but I haven't had a chance to be really active on there, yet. D:
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    100% height with CSS

    OH! My resolution is HUGE so I didn't notice that... but you want the exact opposite from what I was explaining! LadyAnna has your answer, but to put it a more straight-forward way: <div id="everything"> <div id="logoDiv"></div> <div id="contentDiv"></div> <div id="navDiv"></div>...
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    [FREE DOMAIN]Posting Competition at ST

    The only real reason I'm on the forums -here- is because I want to get enough points for the domain name. I would only go somewhere else if I knew I could get the domain for sure, even if there is an "eventually" tagged onto the end of that. Since this is a contest, I may not win, so I don't...
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    Cracked Earth...

    I actually like the first one you made... I must say it seems weird that there is cracked earth with green stuff (moss?), though... and even in the all brown design, it seems strange that earth that cracked would still have such a rich red brown colour. Things to consider. :3
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    100% height with CSS

    it SOULDN'T be, no... I'm looking at your design and wondering why you need such a thing, anyway, though. Your menu is fine as is... or are you implying you don't want that sidebar colour going all the way down the page and being empty? If so, I think it would be best to just set the height of...
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    100% height with CSS

    I believe you will need some javaScript to determine the innerHeight of the user's browser and then have it dynamically figure out how tall to make the side panel. Check this site on liquid design for a tutorial. Note: to make it also work in firefox, you need to change the onReload command...