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    "Knowing is not enough, learning is."

    "Knowing is not enough, learning is."
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    Check out my site on SkillsFuture

    Hi, I write articles about SkillsFuture, the SkillsFuture credit amounting to S$500 scheme for Singaporeans. Please visit my site and follow my blog (and my social media pages as well. My website: Diploma Courses in Singapore | SkillsFuture Credit Have a great day ahead! Regards,
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    Internal Server Error (500 error) for Anchor CMS

    I have installed WordPress instead. But, I would like to use Anchor CMS :-( The installation is pretty much the same with wordpress where the website files are uploaded to public html directory. Then the domain is visited to start the installation where database will be setup. I installed...
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    Internal Server Error (500 error) for Anchor CMS

    I had three identical threads because there's no way for me to know if my thread has been successfully posted so I kept on clicking the create thread button. You should, at least, make the page reload or redirect to the thread post page instead of the editor platform to let us know, users, that...
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    Internal Server Error (500 error) for Anchor CMS

    Hi, I installed a way way better and very lightweight CMS compared to WordPress called Anchor CMS. I don't get it why this very lightweight CMS's installer couldn't be run but you allowed running WordPress. I don't get it. I believe WordPress consumes much more computer resources compared to...