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  • You were just being helpful, if even Mr Angry didn't deserve it.
    You made a good point, though, about not wanting passers-by to read his mis-information. :)
    Maybe you caught the infection from me! I hardly posted at all until a couple of months ago.

    I'm sure I'll be cutting right back again after this server business gets sorted out........time to get back to the real world, & all that. :)
    I shouldn't get too wound up about it if I was you.

    I thought it was quite amusing, myself. Try to see the funny side! ;)
    Hehe. I thought when you posted that reply that "he's not gonna be satisfied with that answer".......& lo & behold, he wasn't!!
    ;) 'Twas just a joke.

    G. is actually a great chap to have around on the forums.
    You're welcome.

    I like getting them myself - it's funny really how easily pleased we are, when they're not actually worth anything! :)
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