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    Please delete my account

    cPanel username: edmoss87 (X) Inserting an X inside the parentheses signifies that I have made all necessary backups of my free hosting account and will not hold x10Hosting responsible for any data I am unable to recover after my free hosting account is deleted. The X also serves as my...
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    Account Unsuspension

    Hello, I apologise for starting the same thread twice, but my account is still suspended despite the previous support ticket I opened being closed. The account manager who replied (hellsheep) said that my account had been restored from backup, but the status still shows 'Suspension due to...
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    Account Unsuspension

    Hello, My account,, is still suspended in spite of the server move being complete. I am unable to resolve the suspension automatically from cPanel. Please could my account be unsuspended. Thanks in advance.
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    Want to learn to program....

    I agree, reading is no substitute for the understanding you get from hands-on experience, but can be a big help. What you might want to do is set yourself an objective for your site (e.g. a contact form, member login area, etc.), google for a good example (there are plenty of examples for...
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    Question about TOS

    Hi, I apologise if this is not the correct forum for this question. In the terms of service, it states that file sharing sites are not allowed. I am developing a site that will allow users to upload and download files as part of a university project. This site will not be accessible to the...