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    E-mail account can only send mail, but not receive?

    What is the A record for : this should be set to your hosting IP
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    Unable to Add Domain

    No we do not give that information. When you attempt to add a domain you are prompt for using a badword. Do not attempt to go around this or you will keep getting blocked.
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    Unable to Add Domain

    When adding a domain do not use any http www or any other protocool. Use just If you are getting blocked by adding a domain via your services page : this is due to attempting to use a word that is blocked. You are being notified before this...
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    Important Multi-Account Unblock Requests

    All above request have been completed. If you can not access your account and you are still getting a "Multi account" error this is due to a very very large amount of accounts being shown on your IP in which further investigation will be required.
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    Important Multi-Account Unblock Requests

    Our team has been busy working on attempting to resolve all of the latest request for these unblocks. Please understand we are working as quickly as we can. We expect all request above this post to be resolved shortly.
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    Migrate WordPress Website

    You are free to take your website anywhere you go. You will be able to use any online tools you find avaiable to migrate a WordPress site. You will also be able to do it the "manual" way and simply download your content and your database to your local machine and then re-upload at your new host...
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    This is incorrect. Your account will not be locked out based solely on IP or location change. Our anti-abuse system blocks known ISP, VPN and proxies along with countries that have been added to our system.
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    General Error SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]

    You can enable certain PHP modules under the Extra features > Select PHP version section of DirectAdmin
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    Requesting to review my site "" for more storage space

    This request should be reviewed in the next 24 hours from our team.
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    Upload filesize limit per file

    That was the guide. Enter your hosting control panel > Click Extra Features > Select PHP version ? Options tab. You will then seen you PHP limits.
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    Unable to find Control Panel/FTP access

    The green hosting control panel button or the blue hosting control panel button should send you there. If not let us know which errors you get. If no errors this may be due to a browser issue not allowing popups or tokens.
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    Upload filesize limit per file

    This is changed via the select php version in extra features of your direct admin panel. Look for the options tab and change the upload limit.
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    requesting unsuspension

    As mentioned in discord It does not work like that when it comes to hosting illegal content when we receive a 3rd part DMCA / Abuse request. This suspension will not be lifted.
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    requesting unsuspension

    Your site will not be unsuspended. Your service was hosting illegal warez, copy right content, cracked accounts content as we received a DMCA from our Data Center.