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    Please check out my wordpress theme

    Nice and clean, but I'm also agree with danprobo
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    List of extremely helpful sites for web designers.

    They are all good for desgining a good template.
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    Welcome to X10!
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    X10 Hosting TOPS!!!!

    I'm agree with both. X10 Rocks
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    activacion de la pagina

    SI, mejor que envies un ticket y cuentanos como acaba.
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    The Sims 3!

    I would like to get the Sims 3, but for now I can't get it
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    Have you ever written your congressman?

    Yes, I'm agree with you allofus
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    N00b question re hosting

    Yes, this is the best option to do that.
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    What's your favorite (free) FTP Client?

    My favorite FTP client is Filezilla, it's easy, very translated and reliable and fast.
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    What do you choose for your blogging platform? Blogger or Wordpress?

    I prefear Wordpress (and if it's possible self-hosted). Wordpress it's more dynamic, it can accept plug-ins and more elavorated templates. But in the other hand, Blogger it's owned by Google and this convert it very popular.
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    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    I use Leopard for the dialy routines (code web pages and desgin, listen music, write papers, etc.) and I use Windows Xp SP3 for gamming under Mac OS X boot camp.
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    Yes, sure Kaspersky is better than Nod32. And it's a very good suite that provides a good security, it doesn't use so many resources and very fast and reliable.
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    Can you review my Site?

    It's cool. Nice desgin
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    Review my new template

    I like this template too.
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    Please, view my Linux Blog

    Hi, The content is cool. But I think the desgin is a bit white.