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    I would appreciate any comments you might have regarding the site.
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    Have a look at my art website. The site is still in development, the opening is scheduled for Summer 2013. Upcoming changes will the streamline the site. In the meantime, have a look at some of my art work at:
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    Not receiving E-Mail

    I got my domain name from Netfirms, and it came with an email account for my domain name. While temporarily being hosted on netfirms, my email worked fine (could send and receive)..... Now that I am hosting the sight here, I am unable to receive e-mail at my domain. I can send e-mail but not...
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    New Artists Site

    I like the simplicity of your design. nice work also!
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    Dark Meldoy Designs

    looks very nice! I like that your history is on the front page. I do agree with other posts that it should be centered. Links not working yet? I would like to see more! I am a graduate of the Colorado Institute of Art. Determination is the key to being a successful artist.... Don't ever give...
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    What do you think?

    I like your site. I could understand what is is about. I noticed you used the term 'pound' for money. Could you say 'dollars' in the UK, don't know if that is acceptable... or maybe you could say 'money'???? No big deal though. I'm in the US. looks good:)
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    New Artists Site

    thank you for input.... I am thinking the same thing. My helps seems to think the larger the better, I agree with you.... when I optimize the pics they look fine to me. So I'll talk to him about it. thanks again alan
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    New Artists Site

    thanks, I will definitely employ the ideas you suggested. I appreciate your advice. thanks again!
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    New Artists Site

    I only have my main page up. That is sort of the theme of it though. There will be 3-5 galleries in the gallery page with about 12 or so pics on each. thoughts and overall feelings welcome. alan