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    Personal blog/photo & portfolio website

    Oh uh, long over due edit, I guess the site URL might be handy. LOL: I'm in very early development of my backend (writing my own backend CMS code), design is pretty well fleshed out, and there is just holding lorem ipsum text right now with some of the design...
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    Gabrial here

    H'lo everyone, I'm Gabrial. Good to see a well supported free php service. I've been looking for a good host for a long time to do my production work before I get my paid service when I officially launch, and by all accounts I do believe I will be purchasing my paid hosting from x10hosting! A...
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    Simple questions

    H'lo there, I have, well had a couple of simple questions. One I was able to answer with a little digging in the forums, (absolute path for my home directory). The other question, and the one I cannot find an answer to is, what time zone is the absolut server in? (my first guess is EST, as my...
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    Iframe issue