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  • I've been off and on for a while. But school and work and friends take up too much time to spend much time here any more. It's life! Always moving forward, never staying the same. :)
    good times of the day in question to me as a disabled person can gain a couple of points I had cancer ..... I was 8 years old suffer in a wheelchair and I have memory loss and I'm afraid if I forget to visit your forms that will block my account as a gift and your hosting a super class .. how can you solve this problem
    P.S with respect Artem
    I dontknow why cant :| reply in my topic bro plz reutrn my acocunt it is realy useful forme or give me all the files in rar or zip format i beg u plz plz plz
    USERNAME = gdfhdgjf
    Email Addres =
    plz reutrn my account plz
    its all my friends fault he ask me to upload all those stuffs in my x10 account :((* ad i uplaoded and as i uploaded sudenly my account got suspended plz sir ur such a nice person plz plz plz
    sir some how i don't know my x10hosting account gets suspended could u pls help in unsuspensing my account
    pls sir i will be highly obliged
    No, really? :p
    I just wanted to make sure anyone who would accidentally read that topic didn't get a bad impression and would use Flash ;)
    But thanks ;p
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