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    notification before suspension

    ah ok I didn't know that. Good that I made a gmail account just a couple of days ago. Thanks for the info
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    notification before suspension

    thanks for the replies...good to know that you are working on it. And yes I already made appointments in my thunderbird calendar in case I forget it again.
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    Please check out my wordpress theme

    nice and clean design...I have nothing to suggest. Good work.
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    notification before suspension

    Is there somewhere an option where I can configure to get an email notification to login into the forums every two weeks as a reminder if I forget? I am very busy at the moment and lots of real life heading my way. Two weeks just flying away. A reminder would be helpful.
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    Copyrighted Material

    The first rule for the use of images is "always ask to make sure". Read the terms of use. Again if you not sure or don't understand the terms of use...ask. A short friendly mail usually doesn't hurt and you will probably get an answer. You also can try to find public domain images. there are...
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    Feedback on wordpress template

    Ok I will try to tell you what I like and what I don't like. We start of course with what I don't like or what I suggest to work on. The first thing that caught my eye was that header and posts entrys are not aligned to each other. For example the navigation and the header title or the...
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    Get indexed in Google, Yahoo and Windows Live

    Many people say the fastest way to get indexed in google is a submission of your site in digg. I personally never tried it, cause my sites are not conform with the terms of use of digg. I do sell something and they don't like submission to gain sales. Maybe somebody will try it and let us know...
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    How To Bring More Traffic To my page

    But a google page rank is worth nothing against quality traffic. He should concentrate on getting quality traffic in his niche. write articles in your niche. comment on blogs and leave you URL in the website field. Signatures in messageboards do bring good traffic. You can also open a...
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    Getting Error Message when trying to access CPANEL

    same here getting an internal server error 500 the page also seems to be very slow. It need minutes to load.
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    Wordpress - Commenting leads to 404

    try to upload the files for your wordpress again and see if this will fix the problem. Seemed to have worked in a older case around a year ago.
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    How to make this CSS navigation menu

    I think one thread would have been enough.
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    How do I make this CSS navigation menu?

    have a look at this site, where you can find tutorials. to make the effect you want you will need to make a graphic which looks like you want it.
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    Images not getting displayed

    Images usually don't show up if they are missing or not in the right location. Make sure you uploaded all the images and make sure they are in the right place. In you mainpage it says that image294.jpg is supposed to be in the home_files folder.