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    Package Change Request

    Hi I want to change my host Package From AD FREE to Corporate Because I need databases and some sub-domains . Thanks in advance
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    review my template

    good work i like it but didn't like the Blue Font in the header
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    Setting Up Joomla with x10hosting - Mini-Guide

    Nice and helpful tutorial
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    What is the best web design language.

    Adam01 I like your post I know PHP , HTML , CSS
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    Linux VS Windows

    Windows :rant2:
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    Your Web Designing Applications

    Photoshop CS2 Zend Studio for coding
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    Favorite Operating System

    Windows XP
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    New template! Please review!

    it's cool
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    IE vs Fire Fox?

    firefox is the best
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    What is better a pc or a console?

    i say CP ForEver :biggrin:
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    ATI or nVidia?

    nVidia for me