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    Upload from url

    Yeah u must give that suggest to if u use mobile like me.. Why dont try mobile ftp like its easy and support upload via URL.
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    Check out my site

    For content its great because im fans of final fantasy.. But i not aggre with template.. Create template more gamers look.. BTW kee ur work guy :)
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    ~ Cyber Wars ~ Its Time To Defend | Critiques Please....

    Simple but great.. Very fast opened in my browser.. Keep ur work guy! -up-
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    Introducing My Webpage hahaha!

    Not bad.. Nice for website.. Look good at google chrome and my mobile phone (operamini) if i can rate ur site score is 9/10 hahaha
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    Im in good mood.. Because find best hosting at
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    link exchange with my disposable email site

    Hmm. Not bad.. If i have time i will join with ur website guy :)
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    I think im in love...

    Im inlove too.. Inlove with x10hosting haha -lol-