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    Cpanel, FTP and database don't work

    FTP and cpanel work after a password reset. Database is working for the most part although I keep getting an 500 internal server error on one of my pages. Also deleting databases doesn't work. It says successfully removed. However, after going back to the database screen it's still there. I...
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    Cpanel, FTP and database don't work

    I can't get any of the 3 services to work. FTP gives wrong login, cpanel times out and database gives the error "error establishing a database connection" using wordpress
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    MySQL Problems

    My SQL is down for me on lotus also. The cpanel states that the number of databases is correct (x/3), but when clicking on MySQL nothing is shown
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    I hope 100% on the third pass fixes my site on the absolut server. It's been down for quite a bit already
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    I hope the third pass fixes everything. My site has been down and my files missing for awhile now
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    Problem With Using IPB

    I actually have a very similar error that only started occurring today.
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    hi guys

    Just signed up for this web hosting service since it has just about everything I need