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    Vox - CPanel License Expired

    Hi - it looks like on the Vox server, it's saying that the Cpanel license is expired (which might be the reason why the database isn't working for sites hosted on it - at least mine anyway).
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    If you mean torrent tracker, the answer is no. Few free hosting/paid sites will allow you to run those because of the high likelihood it'll be used for piracy and/or the amount of resources it uses (since each seeder/leecher is constantly pinging the tracker for peers).
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    Fix domain

    Co.CC is dead (source: was it because of spam?). I've been using
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    Free ad

    Good tips cybrax - especially on the search engine content :)
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    is there a free version?
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    Allowed to put Google AdSense ads on my site?

    As long as your content is legal and not porn/gambling/alcohol/drug related - yous should be good by google's terms as well.
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    Best alternative to Flash?

    Animated gifs / JavaScript (JQuery)
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    Google+ vs Facebook

    Facebook - because right now google + is invite only and after I got an invite I realized it wasn't anything special.pfft.
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    Free Hosting Tricks #1

    Great idea, but not all browser support onerror if I'm not mistaken.
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    [0 credits] Free Custom Facebook Like Website (social Networking) Like Script

    Re: Free Custom Facebook Like Website (social Networking) Like Script neat script, but who's using these ?
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    Read-only file system

    Hi, I can't do anything on my account, every edit I make through ftp it says: [L] 550 _vti_inf.html: Read-only file system [L] Transfer Failed! It won't let me edit, delete or upload files. And it's complaining that everyhing is read-only file system. I'm on hosting system: boru
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    Upcoming Free Hosting Change

    Sounds good! :)
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    Is it wierd to be addicted to a facebook flash game?

    Try socks and sandals hehehe...
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    What's your favourite broswer?

    Chrome is neat but I use firefox mostly.
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    Please do not waste your money at neobux!

    I wouldn't invest money in any of those sites. But I have tried neobux, just clicking and I got tired at how much work it takes each day.