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    $_SESSION data being lost when the page refreshes

    As it turns out, I did forget to start the session. My server automatically starts sessions and x10hosting does not.
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    $_SESSION data being lost when the page refreshes

    Long story short, upon logging in, the following code is executed: $_SESSION['LoggedIn'] = 1; When I run this on my personal server, it works perfectly. The rest of the code sees that $_SESSION['LoggedIn'] is 1; and forwards the user to a nice little member area where they can make...
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    Transferring ownership of a website

    x10hosting only allows one website per person, right. I kind of wanted to give my website away to someone else. Basically the story goes like this: I am a board member for a local organization. They needed a website, since the old one was, well, old and out of date. And I said "hey, I do...
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    FTP Authentication Failed

    I'm trying to use ftp, and it's not going well. I get this: I am absolutely completely positive that I am using the correct password. I have double and triple checked it. Anyhow, I don't know why I am getting an "authentication failed" message. I'm bloody stumped. If anyone could kindly...
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    Creation of a new hosting account

    So I went inactive for a while and my hosting account was terminated. That's okay, I don't mind and I understand the need to free up server space. Now that I intend to be active and work on my website, I figured I would create a new account, which I called "peterboroughlets". When I did, I...