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    premium services

    thank you!
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    premium services

    Hello, i recently purchased the premium services i would like to know how to transfer this free account to the premium. Thanks, Nick R
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    addon domain problem

    I do not want it to be my primary domain, is. My problem is that the domain is not listed under addon domains, but when i tried to create it, i get the error that the domain already exist.
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    addon domain problem

    i added a domain but its not appearing on my control panel, but once i tried to recreate it, i get the error that the domain is already made. the domain is thanks, nick
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    What do you think of my website logo?

    i like everything except for the letters, imo try keeping it cleaner.
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    Insanen GFX

    Thank you :biggrin: Yess, not a big fan of sbars, and let me guess you using ie?
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    Whats the best WebDesigner

    well first of all do some research buddy, go to google and search for xhtml tutorials since html is not longer use for many of the coders out there, if you looking for a easy way out and dont have time to learn, get a cms (Content management system) and theres many free templates out there which...
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    Insanen GFX

    Hey guys, i dont know if you guys remenber my old post about my site, well i launch a new version of it.. More simple and cleaner from the old one, please check it out and let me know what do you think, Thanks a lot.
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    GoDaddy Coupon Codes for July 2009

    thanks a lot buddy
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    Account question?

    oh alright. thanks =]
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    Account question?

    hey my friend just registered an account on x10, shes loving it soo far. shes asking me to help her maintain/fix her website. is there a problem if i login to her account/ftp?. the reason im asking this is because i have my account for awhile and i dont want to risk losing it. thanks for the help.
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    [REQ][400 credits]create banner for my site

    ill do it. still open? portofolio:
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    PHPBB Error

    Problem fixed...
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    [REQ][50 - 100] Post in my forums

    yup so why post them?
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    Top 10 movies one must watch

    yea where is matrix, the lord of the rings and starwars XD lol