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    ad code problem vbulletin

    I add this adcode in vbulletin header. But nothing happens. Can anyone help <!-- Begin BidVertiser code --> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.1" SRC=""></SCRIPT> <noscript><a href="">make money...
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    need staff for my site

    hello, my site is located here : please sign up. I am not offering any points though. But I need staff. Please read the details in the website. If you are seriously interested please email me at
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    is godaddy down today

    Any godaddy customer here? Can anyone tell me whether godaddy is down today?
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    unmasking myself

    Hi I am Anand from Kolkata India. I am 21 yrs old and presently pursuing M.S. in physics fron Indian Institute of Technology Madras. I am a game freak, specialy in RTS games ( eh I am another fan of aoe) I am in x10hosing for a long time. But at present i am not registered for any...
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    Star wars empire at war

    Hello guys anyone played the full version of the game. I am planning to buy it. but it costs rs 5000 ( $111 approx). thats a lot. is it worth it or should i save the money for a better rts
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    Cannot log into cpanel

    When I tried to log into cpanel the login window did not show up. Do all of u having the same problem or just me?
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    Anybody here from university of Minnesota

    I am reaching Minnesota on Sunday? Anyody lives there..??
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    site down

    Hey my site seems to be down. neither can i log into the cpanel. Seems to be a sql problem again: There seems to have been a slight problem with the database. Please try again by pressing the refresh button in your browser. An E-Mail has been dispatched to our...
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    How many members does your forum has?

    As most people are running forums, I am just curious just how many members do you people each have ? It seems that at present there are more members than there are unique members on the web. Personally my experience with forums are horrible. I started on this forum business a year ago...
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    Putting Adcode in SMF

    I made a search and found no such thread. But if this is a duplicate post please delete it and admins/mods please :crying: do not warn me. To put the ad on the top of the forum open the index.template.php file in a test editor. The file is located in the Themes/<themename>/ directory...
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    Need two admins

    It seems I am getting quite bogged down with my studies. Please , can anyone administer my forum. You can change it but do not destroy the general layout. If anyone is interested just register and PM me. Please, I need Help. Link :
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    X10 chatroom or shoutbox

    As x10 has grown into a significantly large community I believe a shoutbox will cutoff unnecessary posts and spam.
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    Need help about placing ad in vbulletin

    Hey, Can anyone please tell me where to put the adcode in the header template of vbulletin so that the ad appears exactly beside the title logo (like in x10). I am using aria skin. So vbulletin staff can tell. I am a noob. If copy of the code of the header template is given before and after...
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    Account Suspended

    cPanel Username:talktech Subdomain: How long your account has been up:Uptil today 7:15 pm local time Did you have the ads placed on every page: Yes, on all pages
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    Rate my Site

    Hey people, I think my site is stable at last. Go ahead and check it out.