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    Error publishing site

    I got this message when i published my site, Cannot connect to using fsockopen, please make sure resolve to the server correctly and outgoing TCP port 80 is opened. Please click here to resolve. I just changed domain to a domain but never had...
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    php and mysql help

    A login and register page is what i want.I made this in phpmyadmin, but don't know what to do with it. ID int(11) No usename varchar(255) No sign_up_date datetime No email varchar(255) No bio text Yes NULL account_permissions enum('a', 'b', 'c') No b...
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    php and mysql help

    I wanted to make a members page on my where people had to create a login to become part of site.I watched a video and made mysql members data base in phpadmin.This is where i'm stuck,i wanted to know how to put this onto my site but not sure how to go about it.I don't know where to get the code...
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    php and mysql help

    Hi,I have created a members page and mysql db for my site and was wondering how to get the code for page and where to acutally insert code in order for page to work.This is very new to me.
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    php code

    Hi,I have created a members page and mysql db for my site and was wondering how to get the code for page and where to acutally insert code in order for page to work.
  6. J domain issue

    Hi,I couldn't find the / folder but moved the to public_ftp and still coming up with index page.Just a newbie when it comes to ftp accounts.I also tried republshing website and got this error (Error function of publish task :makeFolders cannot create directory. current directory is...
  7. J domain issue

    Hi, I was wondering how to get my domain name which is to some reason the working domain has a / which i've never seen before.All my info says but comes up with weird page with a list of stuff on a side bar.
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    Please review my site

    Hi just looking for feedback on my redone site Thank You
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    newbie need help

    Hi,I need help getting a new template into sitereptile.I have uploaded to public_html and see it there but it's not showing up on site builder.Need to be pointed in right direction. Thank You
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    how to use new tmplate

    Hi,I uploaded my new site template into the public_html folder but it's showing up as a choice on sitebuilder.Just wondering how to get it to show up.Could someone point me in the right direction. Thanx.
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    Need Help Bad

    Thanx for heads up,hope this is the issue
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    Need Help Bad

    I've posted this problem a couple times and no response.Cant login to sitebuilder because it says password or login name is incorrect but has never been changed.On top of that i keep getting these warnings or errors at the sitebuilder homepage.Can't login thru cpanel because same thing...
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    warning message on sitebuilder login

    these 2 warning keep showing up when i try to login to my sitebuilder. Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/tmp/sess_651002877a8e1be68be247fd4866a437, O_RDWR) failed: Permission denied (13) in /home/builder/public_html/sitebuilder.php on line 12 Warning...
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    Problem accessing Site Builder via CPanel

    I've had the same issue all day.I too posted a thread about it and havn't recieved an answer.Good luck and hope for a fix.
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    Xbox or Playstation 3?

    PS3 all the way!