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    Do you believe in God?

    "I have tasted of His goodness" that sounded wrong lol
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    what is the worst virus you've had?

    killed my computer actually. my hd was actually destroyed and it messed up my floppy drive: the big ones not the a: but b: ..actually it killed them both. I ended up having to make a boot disk and then boot up from the boot disk with dos and then launching programs by replacing the disks (my...
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    My return to x10!!

    yeah same here, I was here a very long time ago around the same as you. I don't remember you but still welcome back.
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    Anyone here using Paypal?

    yeah I have an unverified account account as well, you can still do a lot with it though.
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    The right age to get married?

    honestly I'm in my 20s and I'm not ready to get married...I still value my freedom too much lol
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    "How to make / earn money?"

    easier said then done. It's easy to get a job at wal mart or something but honestly that's beneath me both pay wise and respect wise, I feel sorry for anyone who has to work there because they treat you like a slave - low pay and they expect a lot of work from you. But yeah it's easy to get a...
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    Why consoles are rubbish!

    only good thing about consoles is that there's no installation so you don't have to wait to play any of your older games. Just pop it in and go. besides that there's no real advantage - you have to pay to play multiplayer in most cases, you have less games and can't do mods. Really no free games...
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    [100 Credits] Hot OFFER! Register my site & 2 Posts

    yea signed up (Gumboa)
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    what is the worst virus you've had?

    Windows Vista (lol j/k it's not that bad, but I do prefer xp) But actually it was the stoned empire monkey boot virus (it's real I swear).
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    Do you believe in God?

    I believe in a higher power, but it isn't god. It's a non-rational, non-living, non-omnipotent force that we know as nature. I don't think it acts based on morality or anything, it just works as a consequence of actions. Nature has a way of correcting whatever we humans and all other living...
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    Is it just me or is anyone elses AWStats not working? Basically when I login to my Cpanel and try to view the AWStats logs, it shows a blank page - where it would usually show the stats.
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    Demoting Accounts

    Is it possible to demote an account, like go from Corporate to Advanced? I mean I really don't think I need like 5 sql tables, when I don't even use 1. The only advantage I see to Corporate is that in the future, ASP may only be for corporate - in which case many people may wish to upgrade to...
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    looks great!
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    Resposting my intro, Great to be here - had to resign up for my account since last account was apparently lost or deleted. So hi again X10 :)