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    Fedora Core 17 vps image

    is there any possible way to get the Fedora Core 17 server image added to the VPS reinstall list? I've already tried installing FC 16 and upgrading that to 17 and it does not work.
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    live streaming

    I think this would be a violation of the terms of service and would also be copyright infringement unless you have permission in writing.
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    Vpn server down ? You are kidding ?

    have you tried to reboot it using SSH or the VPS control panel?
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    VPS works great but SSH is not

    sorry for the delayed reply. I did get it working after switching my home/office computer to Linux
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    blog script help

    you can remove the space using css. for example the site title would might like this (replate .site-title with the id or class of your Title div):
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    VPS works great but SSH is not

    Is anyone on the X15 node having issues connection to SSH from the main xpvps control panel? I have changed the password back to the pre-configured one and still unable to connect. I've tried reinstalling the VPS back to the original config and still no luck.
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    Permission issues/unable to remove folders

    this can be closed seemes to have fixed its self finally.
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    Permission issues/unable to remove folders

    I can rename them but still won't remove them I think fantastico may have set the files as owned by apache or root
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    Permission issues/unable to remove folders

    I tried both and can't remove them. I've tried changing permissions and that doesn't work either.
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    Permission issues/unable to remove folders

    I seem to be having some permission issues after using fantastico to install joomla. I cannot remove the folders inside /home/jaygreen/public_html on stoli
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    Can I upload my own Youtube Video Download Script?

    I can't say for sure but as long as the videos are not copyrighted I don't see why not
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    Confirmation Email

    I am having troube recieving my confirmation email. its been almost 24 hours. I have checked my spam box, have tried resending it but still having no luck.
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    sorry admins please delete this post. I forgot I had an intro already.
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    Hey Guys/Gals

    Hey everyone. This is my first post here. My Name is Jay and I am a website designer and am currenlty trying to start my own business. You can see an example of my work by going to my site JayGreentree Designs and click the clients link to see my first job. I also have another site...