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    Cannot open the forum page.

    Dear Madam / Sir, I cannot login to your forum page. Top of the screen gives no reaction with mouse over to fill out the user name and password. Our browser is the latest of Mozilla Firefox. This occurs on our both accounts and
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    Cannot open the forum page.

    Dear Madam/Sir, I have already for a long the time the problem that I cannot open properly your 'forum-web page'. I see the page with some strange mistakes. Cannot fill-out my username and password. How to access without suspension? Please advise.
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    No access to cP

    Dear administrator, Since the migration I cannot access our websites through cP. The sites are and The last one is also not "in the air" anymore. Please, help! We need to update these sites. Thanks in advance. John Delpeut
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    login problem boru

    Dear friends, Since the migration (first to 'fris' and now to 'boru') I cannot access cP. So I cannot upgrade my website what is very bad. cPanel username: ciephil Server: boru New password: angelo Please try to solve the problem a.s.a.p. Thanks in advance! John Delpeut
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    No access to Lotus server

    Hi, Thanks, but through that server the same problem. No access.....
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    No access to Lotus server

    Dear Friends, I cannot access CP on Lotus-server to update the website. What happened? Still in the reboot-fase? Please reply and thanks! John
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    My hosting have been down for 2 days

    I have the same problem! You get the error 404 not found. Yesterday my site name was linked to another site. Strange and :sleep2: bad for business!
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    why is the server again down? happens to often...

    why is the server again down? happens to often...