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    Change to Inactivity Policy

    one thing that maybe could be an improvement was a field on the longIn page shoving the user whitch date the system recognices as the users last logIn. Eg a field that shows a confirmation of the logIn: "Your last registrated logIn was: yy/mm/dd" Perhaps you could consider something like that? Br.
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    Posting in forum once a month

    Here is the explanation: The 'forum login rule' is history. Read the reffered thread. This is IMPORTANT!
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    Posting in forum once a month

    YES INDEED SO ...because I have been serious thorrough in this respect. Every week -and i mean EVERY!! -i open the forum and browse around and read news and some of the topics on the board. Eg i have been 'active' NO -NOT SO- Today i get a mail: WHAT!!? What is THAT about?!? 'Active' is NOT...
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    Cannot load operating system! Please help!

    have you made a scan for errors? If none is reported it could be less serious. A solution fpr pc's is to install puppy-linux. You can find it on the net Here is the whole packadge, including a good howto...
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    Will this sell?

    this week on bbc-click they showed an app that alows you to scan a soduku with iPhone cam, and the puzzle will be solved in sckds.. ! The problem with own apps is that someone has done it already.. and often better :/ You were propl sadly also too late
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    Please guys help me

    What happens when you try to log in eg what error message do you get? ? Have you tried to make a page in the public-folder and reference that page from a browser addres-field Your page need to be in the right folder in the tree-structure
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    looking for tools for blogging that can work on x10

    ok i will see if i cen get it working with joomla ty!
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    looking for tools for blogging that can work on x10

    whitch blog tools will work on the free acount of x10? If you have a free acount and know of a free blog that works perfectly, whitch one is that tyia
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    Posting in forum once a month

    i think i remember that it is stated that you do not need to post once a month, you need to lock IN once a month? In that light - so what if you never lock out.. The bottom line would be - You need to visit the forums once a month -right? (now i posted this month.. :p) Br.
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    I need your help!

    i vote 2. cat, it has action / motion and an interesting expression. 1. could be a stuffed cat.. :p
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    convert old videofiles from sony phone

    My father have some old videofiles on a s312 sony-ericsson phone. He asked me if i could convert then to mpeg or flv I have ON idea.. Does anyone else ? tyia.
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    USBs -what puts wear & tear on memory sticks

    @ leafypiggy i dont use the drive on a pc -its on a settopbox for tv-recording, so i cant change drivers, but depends on the firmware installed in the settopbox (mpeg4) - and thats kind of an other isue with video-recording. old hd recorders gave 'quality-option' settops does not - eg the...
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    USBs -what puts wear & tear on memory sticks

    @ Darkmere uhoh i have the direct oposite results in respect to 'slow' drives if i record video on a NTFS stick, i cant use timeshift at all - if i use a fat32 stick timeshift is flawless, but significantly less can be recorded. -oc cause that can and will be HW dependend behavior Br.
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    USBs -what puts wear & tear on memory sticks

    Thanks you essellar - very good explanation, i use usb as hd on a tv-set-top-box, and i surpose this mean that i will wear the drives out pretty fast - :/ I have had read errors and have to formate pretty often I was told that formatting to FAT32 put less 'wear' on the drive than using NTFS...
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    USBs -what puts wear & tear on memory sticks

    I am told that USB are 'worn' when they are being used. anyone knows something about this? Especially- what actions is most damaging to the stick. Br.