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    What happened to the x10 community

    Same here.. sad to see x10Hosting Community isn't that active anymore. :s
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    Meet Frank, a Super-fast, Lightweight, Open Source WordPress Theme

    Hey it's a nice theme. I will definitely bookmark it for future use :)
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    My New year Gift to the x10 Community

    Can I still get this offer from you ? :)
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    Hello again

    Welcome back to x10Hosting :)
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    Main domain not resolving

    It could be a DNS problem. Have you set upped the nameservers on your domain correctly with .tk ?
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    More than 30 server crashes in a month. Is this a serious hosting?

    The x10Hosting team are doing all their best to provide free users quality hosting. If you want a better uptime, I recommend you should upgrade to a Premium Paid Hosting for better uptime. :)
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    Post your specs

    Samsung R440 Laptop CPU: Intel Core i3 CPU M 380 Memory: 4GB RAM Hard Disk: 500GB SATA ATI Radeon HD5470 (512mb dedicated)
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    Favorite Free Cloud Service?

    You might want to also try CloudFlare for your websites. :)
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    Which is better Xampp Vs Wamp

    XAMPP is much stable. :) ftw.
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    Anyone here plays Minecraft? Is it a nice game? I am thinking of playing it soon :D
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    from which country

    Philippines :)
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    Disqus API problem

    Make sure you followed the steps in setting up the Disqus API on wordpress if not I have searched the forums and found similar problem to yours, you could try checking them out:
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    How many times you check your facebook account everyday?

    Everyday. As long as there's an internet connection :-P
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    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    I ban Zaccy for joining x10hosting forums last january 2009.
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    How old are you?

    I'm 16 years old :)