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    Hand Drawn Whale

    Thanks :)
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    Hand Drawn Whale
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    Which is your favourite CMS ?

    My favorite is wordpress and phpbb3 Or seditio if I want something simple to work with
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    How much would you charge for webdesign (not professional)?

    I would ask for 20 usd per web page if its good 40 usd for a web page + server setup and details 60 usd for a commercial website that you know can easily afford a good designer
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    Hand drawn labyrinth

    Imagine if this were the floor plan for a massive hedge would be in there for a while Open this in photoshop and with a brush at 2pt do this maze in less then 20 minutes to prove that your an alien :P
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    Some recent stuff

    Before - (Im the original photographer) After - Nightime in new orleans - And the singing sword -
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    need your bad critique to my site !!!

    Its looks alright But maybe make the page a little wider
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    integration help needed

    Ok you have 2 cms To make one look like the other, the easiest way is to take the one that looks the most complicated, and use the css file from it and convert the lesser site to look like it To make them look the same would be easy But if they both run on different sql systems theres no...
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    Chat Box, Shout Box and Comment Box. Need enlightenment.

    Ok well a comment box is a page where users can post without a time limit between posts Just like a forum but all on one page (Its like if users post fast on a forum, not a real big heavy load cause theres no automatic refresh/reload) A comment box should not auto refresh like an IRC What isnt...
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    X10hosting is great!

    Its 10x to the power of 10 epicness ill probably put there logo on my homepage
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    Hi there

    Thanks, an il check that out :)
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    Graphic Request

    A 10 layer gif? Thats fairly simple pm me the aspects of what your looking for and il see what I can do for ya
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    Hi there

    Hello Im james Im from arizona where people fry there brains out lol :tongue: Anywho Im a moderate level dev who does web development and graphics work in PS Just found this host today and was glad I did Woke up to find my old host was closing :P btw I like the forum layout
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    Awesome, but how 0_0

    Oh ok My site shouldn't use more then 800mbs of disk-space and 5 gb of bandwidth monthly at the max (And thats if I'm being ddosed lol) My site is for graphic tutorials and some misc web development X10 - still really awesome
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    Awesome, but how 0_0

    just came from another host that deleted my account without warning I found this one after a few google searches and its the best host Ive seen online :D What I was wondering is, how can there be infinite amount of space and bandwidth? is there truly no limit Even if there is I wont mind it...