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    PS2 dropping below $100!

    Agreed %100. I couldn't just sit down and play a Wii for hours like I could with games like Socom, Battlefield and Call of Duty on the PS2. (That's online AND offline). Also, the PS2 I had for over 3 years now (Fat PS2) is EXTREMELY durable and has never broken on me. My friend has split pop on...
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    I don't have a credit card, so is there anyone I can get a free 1 year domain on without one?.
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    Shoutcast is the server, you should read a tutorial on how to setup you're server and run it on the Shoutcast website.
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    Every Page Wont Load

    Loads fine for me. However you have no index page.
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    What do you think?

    Same with me, had to scroll.
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    Paypal buy.

    So, I'm looking for a script so that someone can pay a certain amount of money to me using paypal, once they have paid they use a contact form to send me an email with their name, email and phone address and then a text box describing what they want. (For a custom web design site). Basicly...
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    How well is my site designed?

    Your search redirects to a reunion site.
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    edit: Its fine now I think
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    help: expiration

    I wouldn't pay for If you are considering renewing you're domain just buy a TLD at GoDaddy, or X10.
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    Completly redesigned site

    You spelled Canadians wrong.
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    Its a great host just a little slow at times, and once the issues with you're server has been resolved I'm sure your experience will be greater.
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    what do you think

    Not that great looking and you spelled "bored" wrong.
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    My URL?

    Change "Redirects to" to Not Redirected. Then, change the document root to /public_html
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    My site.

    lol, I was using word to edit the text cuz I was lazy
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    Gimp vs photoshop

    imo, Photoshop is better. As mentioned before it has more tools and options to work with.