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    [REQ]CMS 20,000 Points and $

    Alright, I am offering 20,000 points to whomever can do this for me. If you decide to work with a group of you, I will split the money between you. You will also get a real money payment through PayPal. See below. What I want... I want basically a CMS type site (fully functional) with a...
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    Simple e107 question...

    Recently decided to go with e107 because it seems to be easily moddable and can do exactly what I want. Anyways, just want to know from anyone who has experience with e107... go to the "links" in the bottom right... Can these be removed through the admin panel or do I have...
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    Whoever can beat my score in A-Blast: Will get 150 points. Is it in you? (thought this would sound good here) ;) Current Winners: Spartan Erik
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    I promise you a laugh.... Basically leave your opinions on this video, I found it hilarious; interested in what everyone else thinks. My personal opinion...this guy is a complete retard. That was the easiest question in the game..
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    Disregard my last post...

    Alright, I am not sure how it works but if you guys review the paid apps. before processing them can someone take a look at mine as soon as you get the chance? ;)
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    I need someone to PM the email address I used to create my x10 account so I can upgrade it to static paid right now.
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    It's a conspiracy I tell you!@#!

    Alright, I am playing Guild Wars; the new craze MMO game, right? So, seeing as I am getting pretty good at it, and already have two level 20s (one W/Mo and one M/Wo; the M/Wo is a 55hper, meaning he only takes max 5 damage from any mob), anyways I am farming a far amount of gold and am...
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    Installing all.... 3 points each.

    Yep... I will install anything for 3 points. Payment AFTER I install as always, its only fair if you are satisfied with my work.
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    teh 1337sauce is backz0r

    wahtsup ;) :squint: ninjastYle
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    And this is my story...

    First he was like "Hahaha, I pwn noobs!" and I was like ""; like this :hahano:. Then he was all like "DAMN YOU!@@$" and he was all tripping out because he was so pissed at me for p00ning him so he was like this :rant:. And I was just like "Ok, so you want to play hard ball? Well, i'm...
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    400th Post

    Well this is my 400th post here at x10 and I don't want to make it some lame reply to some "n00bs" thread. So I decided to make my own topic and ask you guys what you thought. Vote on the poll. :P
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    My sig...

    Alright, just want some critisim on my sig here that I made yesterday. Just wondering what you guys think are wrong with it so hopefully I can fix it and make it look "1337"! :hsdance: Anyways down to business, here's my sig.. (it's in my sig already but i'll upload it incase). *Edit: I was...
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    Merry Christmas!!!

    LOOK DOWN!!!
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    Help with vBulletin...

    How do I get it so that when you are viewing a thread/post, whatever you want to call it... It shows the user information underneath their name (like on x10hosting, on the left side of a post). And not like this:
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    Lmfao Check Out My Title!!!

    That's right ladies. :hsdance: My title is the pWn@g3. What do you guys think? *Edit: Lol, if a mod doesn't like this, this was only as a joke, you can change it though to