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    Starka Down?

    Okay, thanks you ;).
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    Starka Down?

    Is Starka Down? If not, then something wrong with my hosting. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Servers Down?

    Hello, I am having problems with the servers. This seems like it just has started. Eaither my website loads slow, or sometimes it wont, and it gives me a error saying something like "Cannot connect to Server". I am running on starka. All I want to know is, is there updates going on, will this...
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    Best hosting company I have had the pleasure of doing business with!

    Same here. :P, Cept it was my friends host, and it was getting hacked like 5 times a day, so he HAD to shut down. Therefor, I came back to X10 ;). Thanks, Josh
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    Cant connect to ftp server

    What Host/IP are you trying to use to connect to your FTP? Thanks, Josh
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    Please read: Regarding fantastico link not working

    This has been reported already stpvoice. Also thanks for clearing this up Danielx386 Thanks, Josh
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    Can't get into control panel on Stoli

    Ahh, that would explain why my site is loading slowly. Thanks, Josh
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    Bug in forums!

    Hmm, I cant seem to do that. Thats weird though.
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    Re-Signed Up

    Its working now. Thanks for the help though. Thanks, Josh
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    Re-Signed Up

    I requested my account to be terminated, witch it was, and when I registered a new account, I activated it with email, and did the security question. I get to the panel page with like, the link to my site and the link to my cPanel login. But the website doesn't work. My Server: Starka My...
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    not sure what happend

    Just go to Http:// and submit a ticket(It will bring you to a page to create a thread) and request your account to be deleted. Thanks, Josh
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    not sure what happend

    Okay, when you click it, does it say "Logged in: serenity1350" if not then login.
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    not sure what happend

    1. Are you logged into the support system? 2. Are you logging in with the right account. 3. If your logged in with the right account and all, then sometimes these things happen. It has happened to me, and a Support Staff had to fix it for me. Thanks, Josh
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    Ha, No Problem. Glad to help out a fello member of X10. Thanks, Josh

    Ha, No Problem. Glad to help out a fello member of X10. Thanks, Josh
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    It depends what your suspended for. Just wait for a Account Manager or Admin to reply to this. It might take a bit, just wait, they'll come to this thread :D. Thanks, Josh