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    Not able to get on website

    After numerous attempts to access my website I have been unable to get on to it. The url is: This has been down since Friday 9th July 2010 Any chance that you could see what is going on please. Many thanks Glyn
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    Samba - windows printer driver installation

    I assume you are using the x64 bit version of Suse. If not that could be your issue. Only a thought.
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    USB Devices Help

    This will be down to the drivers. Go to manufacturers website & get the latest driver if they are available for Windows 7. Does the camera even get recognised as a mass storage device? I suspect not. Same with the ipod. whether Apple will even bother to update drivers for older ipods is...
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    Unable to access website

    I have been unable to gain access to my website for a few days now. I assume that this is something to do with the move. I keep getting a connection refused error message. The website is Any advice? Cheers
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    Need help seting up a network

    Are you using a cross over Ethernet cable. As said previously a cross over cable is required for PC to PC connectivity. A switch or router would be a better way to connect machines via Ethernet.
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    Review my rig :)

    Looks good to me. I need to update my rig, but need some cash to do it. I will get there one day :-)
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    Gannman's Domain - open for review

    That is sooooo much better. The site is looking great. :-)
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    Fedora vs Ubuntu, what?

    Out of the two, I would go for Ubuntu for a first time user or Linux Mint. Use Virtual Box to try out different os's as you will not destroy any data by accident if you are not sure what you are doing when partitioning a hard drive.
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    Gannman's Domain - open for review

    Yes, I would totally agree with this. Also try to make it a bit more friendly for Firefox users. You suggest installing the IE tab extension. You should really make the site more compatible with multiple browsers & not expect people yo install software to view the site correctly. The link that...
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    what's the best FTP client?

    I use FileZilla under Linux. Don't tend to use Windows for FTP transfers.
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    Installing Win xp on an Toshiba Laptop a215 s7444

    Is there any options in the BIOS to enable the SATA drive to look like an IDE/ATA drive? If not you would need drivers for your SATA controller so that the XP install can use them. Ever thought of using Linux?
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    Windows 7 - Better or Worse? Your oppinions please?!?

    Not used the latest release of Windows 7, but used the RC version & found it quicker than Vista & not so much of resource hog. Probably be getting some machines in at work soon with Win7 on them. Normally I roll back computers to XP, if they come with a roll back disk but I will leave Win7 on...
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    What's your favourite Operating System?

    Have the above tried Linux in any format or is Windows the only OS they have ever tried? Don't get me wrong, I like certain aspects of Windows. Ease of use by non computer types would be the main one, but Linux really needs to be tried to be appreciated. Just my tuppence worth.
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    What's your favourite Operating System?

    All OS's have their good & bad bits, but for me Linux wins as my main OS. Mostly Ubuntu, but Linux Mint is a close second. I use Windows & MAC machines as well, but always fall back on Linux.
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    A hillarious lenovo add.

    Lets face it all computers have their good & bad points, but what most users worry about is how fast it will be & if it can run all the programs that they want to use. I am a huge fan of open source, but even that can be lacking at times. The designs by Apple are probably some of the best I have...