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    Please delete my hosting account.

    Whoops, thanks. Then please consider this as my goodbye.
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    Please delete my hosting account.

    I thank you for your free service that has been fantastic. Checking with pingdom I got 98% uptime, and that is amazing. But I have not been developing my site for months (it was a hobby that all of a sudden died), so I would like to have my hosting account removed. I have backed up my files, so...
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    what is the worst accident that has happened in your town?

    A truck driver that fell asleep at the wheel drove almost off the bridge. The bridge was closed for the day to be repaired.
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    Disk Space Policy Change

    I like it. My site is a flash game site anyways, so no effect here. But it i still a good idea!
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    HRU (High Resource Usage) Policy Change

    Sweet, thanks Corey.
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    Suspended for "Currently under a spambot attack"

    Close is good enough for me :D
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    Suspended for "Currently under a spambot attack"

    Thank you, all gone :D. Great support even on a Saturday. Love this company.
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    Suspended for "Currently under a spambot attack"

    YES INDEED. I had no idea, I better get rid of the forums until I actually start developing again. Thanks. If I could have this unsuspended, I would be very greatful.
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    Suspended for "Currently under a spambot attack"

    Currently under a spambot attack, give 24-48hr to resolve the spam if they request it. I don't know what this is or means. But if I can have what it means explained to me, perhaps we can fix it :). Also, whatever it is, very sorry.
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    Window VS Mac

    You are only going to get biased answers. Quite frankly I personally prefer Windows. But I can see why people would go mac. I do not believe either is better for certain things (gaming being the only exception), its more preference. If for some god awful reason you actually prefer objective-c to...
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    Which processor is better?

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    How can i see flash on ipad?

    No, they don't convert the websites. They just convert some (and I mean some) of the flash videos to videos you can watch on the iPod/Pad.
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    Contact Form
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    php and mysql help

    Could you explain what you are trying to do? Here are the basics of mysql:
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    Network Upgrade

    I would say on average it is a bit faster than it was. Thanks :D