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    Who killed x10 forums?

    I pop in my head from time to time and miss the old days where the forums were active, of course I was just a kid back then. I miss the days of chatting with other folks in IRC, until my immaturity bested me (Russ knows what I'm talking about ;P).
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    Setting up IMAP/Push email on iphone...

    I mean you will get less battery life if you put it on push. I don't know where it is, but I'm terribly sleepy and that may be why my English isn't so great haha. I used to have my iPhone to work with x10 Mail. Try doing it yourself in cPanel (the POP3 stuff), that's how I learned (I usually...
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    How much of your GMail space are you using?

    I have mine open since the beta period when you could only get in with an invide. I've used about 57%-ish. Most of it being photos, and my old POP3 accounts and the such. I've never deleted an e-mail, and I get around ~300 emails a day (with only 25 being spam at the most) because I'm in many...
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    Simple PHPBB3 Question

    Can you give us a link of your board?
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    how lnog do rewards take to be

    If it takes longer than 3 days, I think making a support ticket might be fine. You can try to grab ahold of someone on IRC
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    Setting up IMAP/Push email on iphone...

    A lot of it can depend on battery life. Fetch = More battery life. Push = Less battery life. When I go outdoors, I set my blackberry on Fetch so it doesn't have to check the server constantly for new e-mails. It tends to save more battery life then when I'm using Push which does check the...
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    Girl gets 2 years for cooking cat in oven

    Tell me again why you would ever eat a cat when you have a kitchen full of OTHER food?
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    Can I change host from x10host to others ?

    If you really wanted to change, just go to phpMyAdmin, export the database, and download all your files on the public_html folder. Move it to your new host. I don't advise this is a good move AT ALL, because I've been roaming around webhosts for years and X10Hosting is the only free webhost that...
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    2000th post party

    gah, I'm coming up to 2000 posts as well luls.
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    Bing Up, Bing Down, Bing Up

    ^ Haha same. I have Googlebot indexing my site every hour or so, as well as Yahoo, Ask, AOL bot and a bunch of other sites. I have yet to see Bing index my sites, why :(
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    ads free and force ads

    It could mean something different, translators are not always 100% accurate. Anyways, force ads is an option if you want higher bandwidth/HD space for your hosting accounts, especially for those resource intensive big forums. It doesn't make your site look "cheap" if you know how to accurately...
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    Weird design

    Wow, was this a theme you got for Drupal or did you make this? It looks a little Web 1.0-ish :|
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    Don't Know Where to Start for Aesthetic Part of Web Design...

    There are in bookstores as well as online. How I started webdesign is that I started variations of other layouts I saw on the internet, and once I had my skills with Photoshop and XHTML and other coding languages, I started using less and less of other's works and more of mine.
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    The Show Off Thread

    Woah, that was cool haha. You could improve it by adding a wireless mouse, no wires involved :P. Nice inventions, I'm too stupid to invent anything.
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    Exact difference in uptime?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to suggest a person to get paid hosting for his site, and I suggested x10. Free hosting from x10 meets his requirements, he just really wanted a reliable stable host with good uptime. Does anyone know the exact difference in uptime between our free servers and our paid...