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  • kkenny can you help me, I had someone put a program on my server here and I can't get a hold of them to get the username a password. This person did the the programing for no charge. Can you recommend someone to help me with this. Here is the website. Its looks like the everything is ready, but when I ask to retrieve my password, it does not recogize my email address, which I can't understand. This person who offer to do the programming, did not ask for anything, but now he is not responding to my emails. Here is the website. http://karenhelpme.co.cc/yam2/admin/ I need someone who will not hold me hostage from user the software.
    Hey kkenny, we'll be able to talk to each other again, also, you're invited to my IRC network, if you feel you'd like to come. I'm most likely not allowed to say it here, as that would be advertising; I will PM it to you.
    Thank you kkenny, I wish I got to know you more too. Its sad to see you go, and I hope you come back sometime soon.
    :/ Hate to see you leave. I did dislike you at one time when i recieved my only 2 infractions which were misunderstood, but now that I relize many things and of the such; I think you are a very cool person and great staff member. Best of luck to you and hope you come back soon. :]
    Oh you sweet kkenny,i always enjoyed working with you.
    I know you are emotional now, and i know your feelings well.I strongly believe you will be back some day soon.
    I just added you in gtalk,please accept the invitation.
    As always keep smiling :)
    Good Luck KKenny.....See you back soon...
    (MESSAGE FOR ME)Thankyou messages given to: Brandon, tittat, michael9, jordanc, soki, vigge
    Yo!! 8D

    I don't know if I'm mistaken, but I think I remember your user name from back when I was still here o_O My name was Deathpie. Do you remember me? :3

    Hello kkenny.

    I don't think kkenny would like support requests in his visitor messages.
    why do you say i'm going to need good luck? You've proberbly jinxed me!!! lol. PM me if you want to if you don't want to VM me ;)
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