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  • Hello leafypiggy,

    Thanks for deleting ~/.trash/catalog. Just trying to understand, what was the problem though?
    Bro it apears you are the only stuff here , i am kinda in hurry can you restart the x05 hosting or can you migrate me to other server ?

    By chance could you tell me what the administrative suspension reason (ynk9sd88cw9vm6rscnnrcw) is for ncmom.info?
    Hey there. I saw a thread where you were willing to help with a graphic design. I'm wondering if you could do a small banner for my site ?
    Hay Bro, I m Musa from Pakistan, i m writing you for this that i m a human and posting on your forum as a wordpress themes submitter.
    you block me as a spammer.
    can you please unblock me.
    looking forward for a positive response..

    10-31-2011 09:58 PM #83 callumacrae
    not alex mac

    Re: x10hosting Pumpkin Decorating Competition!
    Okay, I am happy to announce the winners:
    Congratulations to everyone who took part - they were all great!

    tigerscrossing73 and novogami, PM Neil with the .com/.net/.org domain you want. Obviously, it must be available. burnsfast65, PM me confirming the account you want upgrading.

    Happy halloween!

    I was wondering since i have sent messages before. and no reply yet. It does state that I had won.. and then ended up having someone whined about not winning and named My post of my pumpkins... and Since then i have heard nothing about Upgrading the account, or getting the domain name i had sent in .. Can i please get a reply. Or Should i forget this ever happened as Like I had stated they were not faked.
    u mean i should use pastebin.com to post large codes. thanks for informing about that service. i didn't know that even such a service exists.
    but it was from wordpress theme. since i don't know what exactly to post, i had posted the whole code.
    hello leafypiggy! You said "spamming" but let me tell me that in no way I was spamming there. I was trying to post code to get help with CSS. Code was little longer and so I was unable to accommodate it in a single post therefore I decided to divide it in two parts. But after posting first part I had seen that the whole code was just in a line and its impossible for somebody to read it and so I was trying to fix it when you posted your rude "spamming" one. anyway I have deleted that thread.
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