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    Starka Domain Issue

    Hey, I went to add a parked domain on starka, and I got this error Error from hooks wrapper: Domain action was not successfully synchronized with Jackmunch. Array ( [0] => <pre>Array [1] => ( [2] => [0] => /jackmunch/bin/node-domain-action.php [3] => [1] => gothx [4] => [2] => park [5] => [3]...
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    Welcome to x10Hosting!
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    Register on OMGPOP 100pts

    Done. Username is the same as here.
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    I'm having an issue logging into the cPanel

    Carl, sorry for thread hijacking, but I've attempted to do the same thing, however cPanel is still stating my information is wrong. Any clue on what's causing this one?
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    Unable to Log into cPanel

    scstore, sometimes things happen within a server move that is unpredictable and unexpected. As users of a free hosting service, we can't expect 100% up-time, because that's not our right. I'm sorry you feel that this has been a waste of your time, however ranting and raving about an issue that...
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    Account still listed as Suspended after transfer to new server.

    Cossacks is being moved to a new server. Once your account is moved, you'll be able to access cPanel and phpMyAdmin again. I had the same problem a few days ago. Oh, and it may take a little longer for the system to set up everything else, not just moving your files.
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    Count to 1 Million

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    Site Not Loading

    Cossacks and Lotus were under moving, dunno if they're completely up yet or not. That may have been your problem, not sure.
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    jQuery & CSS Help...

    In your CSS, you're using "moz-border"... and "webkit-border"... where it should be "-moz" and "-webkit". Those dashes in the front make all the difference in CSS3. And that's the only one I can fix with my lack of sleep.
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    Forum Skin Vote

    Vuel looks more like something I'd be used to seeing here on x10Hosting.
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    The page appears to be loading fine. Try flushing your DNS and trying to access it again.
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    550 Can't create directory: Read-only file system

    Stoli was going through an fsck, so it may become interoperable for a short period.
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    Database erased

    MySQL servers are slowly reacting now. My site's up and running. Yours shouldn't be too far behind.