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    Both are working fine for me.
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    Site running super slow!

    I hope also.
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    Site running super slow!

    No and what is the server name you are on?
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    Site running super slow!

    Thanks descalzo forgot to visit the status page.
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    Site running super slow!

    Same with me on absolut.
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    Could someone give absolut a spring clean (;-)

    Thanks for the reply but where is the thread talking about the problem??? Edit: found it
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    Only thing we can do is wait and hope it get fixed soon.
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    Is cpanel offline on absolut

    Same problem for me Jessica 503 errors as well.
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    Error 503 on my website

    Same with me on absolut.
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    Error Code DEADBEEF

    An error occurred attempting to process your request. Please try again momentarily. (Error Code DEADBEEF) Same here.
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    Files gone

    Yeah same as you but after a week or 2 with 503 errors here and there seems ok for now but for how long till next flop from x10.
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    Wow... All files are gone

    Lol another mess again still counting them since the upgrade 6 month ago that they have done. I am on starka and same thing for me, some files are gone and i cannot even log to my wordpress site. Also i have those 2 files uploaded suddenly in the root since the 20 august: files for your...
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    Problem in Starka

    I suppose that is the cause of the downtime on all free hosting. Unscheduled maintenance1 day ago We are performing maintenance for stability and upcoming changes on our RAID controllers for our SAN (Storage Area Network), which holds all of the users files for...
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    Click This if Your Site Unexpectedly Goes Offline!

    I am also surprised about that reply like you because all tickets i have open so far have not been replied or deleted.
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    Click This if Your Site Unexpectedly Goes Offline!

    If you check there you will see that all free servers have there problems so it will not solved your problem even if you change of free server. And for the support tickets they reply to about 5 percent of them for free users. So if you want a better service like i...