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    Welcome to!

    i am afraid .. are not you doing piracy out there? ebooks? :\
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    Please give a feedback on my site :)

    No moderators?? racists people here :S
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    Please review my website creation guide website

    look of website is good, a bit dark text as many have suggested will be good, but many of hyperlinks are broken .. please look into it :)
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    Please give a feedback on my site :)

    Oh.. sorry for misunderstanding ;) well google has no objection for placing text ads like that :) and those are not actually matching background completely .. i.e. you can still distinguish but those ads have more CTR , i feel , and banner ones :) Let's see ^_^ thanks :)
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    Please give a feedback on my site :)

    I have to put ads there bcoz it's only source from which i can get income and atleast renew domain :D :D :) anyways i am planning to remove all ads except adsense and infolinks .. I am trying to drive more traffic.. let's see. Actually i m targeting students etc. mostly india based , and US...
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    Please give a feedback on my site :)

    thank you so much ^_^
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    Please give a feedback on my site :)

    Guys please checkout my website and give suggestions /feedback for same. Thanks
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    Server Error

    I just set up my domain with x10hosting's name servers. After i try to visit it shows me Server Error Server Error There has been a server error. Please try again momentarily. If the issue persists, create a support ticket. please can u tell me what can be the...
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    Time to update the copyright! ^_^

    <?php echo '&copy'. Date('Y'); ?>
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    Login not working - Information not kept across pages?

    Use session global variable. Set up the session when user is authorised. for example $_SESSION['logged']=1 If successfully logged in. and then for LOG IN required pages just do if($_SESSION['logged']!=1) { header("location: login.php"); // IF USER IS NOT LOGGED REDIRECT HIM TO LOG IN PAGE }...
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    Is there a way to upload images only from 100x100pixels?

    Another thing you can do.. let image be of any size create it's thumbnail of size 100*100 and upload it ;)
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    Some Doubts Regarding .NET

    o_O alrite! thanks :D
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    Some Doubts Regarding .NET

    Hi, Does x10 hosting supports ASP.NET? during registration it's said so.! which database are supported? i think it's only MYSQL! so how are we supposed to connect to database? using ODBC drivers? Please reply soon! thanks!
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    Hotmail Vs Yahoo Vs Gmail

    gmail d best :)) :P
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    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    I use UBUNTU+XP both.. but can't select both.. well most of the time on xp