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    I aM BaK!!

    Hey every1 ol m8s! I have been away for quite a while!! I missed u guys.. X10 rules 4ever! Well I m Bak and will start posting and helping people out soon.. your ol buddy -Mani - _ - :biggrin:
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    Available for Battle!

    I am Available @ x10 RPG for Battle! Challenge me now! WARRIOR NAME: Mani -Mani
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    Help Msn 8!

    hey I installed MSN BETA LIVE 8! and I HAV NO Contacts in iT!! Whats wrong and is there anyway to import da contacts or what?! :weaksaucei am ScReWeD:weaksauce :biggthumpThnx guys!!! -Mani
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    Happy Birthday Conor!

    Happy Birthday ConoR!! and many happy returns of the Day!! U gave me my 1st Warning :P lol I think you are no more in the Staff but.. Have a great birthday man! your ol' chum, -Mani
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    Happy Birthday BRANDON!

    Happy Birthday m8! May you live longer!! Happy Returns of the Day! I am sendin you 10 Points as a gift ;) Every1 Else Come and Say Happy Birthday to Brandon! -Mani
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    My New Sig

    yo! suP guys?? I made a new sig while messin abt wid brushes and blending and stuff.... :fingersx: How is it guys?:ohnoes: BTW under Mani and 50 Cent it sayz my email address Please Rate and Comment ;) Highly Appreciated. -Mani
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    EDIT pic: 100pts

    what you have to do is take a pic, any pic, and basicaly you have to edit it so that it says VenomOwns.Net. The more famous the pic the better, here is an example of a edited pic with VenomOwns.Net on it. This gives you a ruff idea of what I mean by editing the pic, now remember this...
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    Clik button NEEDED

    Hi, i need a small click button with dimensions 88x28. All it must say is "Symbionic" but should have a firly nice attractive design. thnx 30pts -Mani
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    Topsite Buttons 100pts and more~!!

    Hello ppl! Phone Sector Top 100 yo! I need some topsite buttons for my topsite..{Phone Sector Top 100} They can be animated or nice and proffesional...I hav attached some examples and psds so look at em and make sumthin like dat nice and professional {Phone Sector Top 100} .... Whoever makes...
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    need SIG

    20 pts A custom GFX sig which says "Muj" 150x450 pixels or wahteva thnx PM me and upload da sig on -Mani
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    Windows Live Messenger Invites

    I am sellin em from 60-500 pts whoever wants to buy pls post here....OR PM! WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER INVITES!! Windows messenger 8!! -Mani
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    HAPPY Birthday DAY NedreN

    hey NedreN Happy Birthday! May you live longer!! :) happy 17! -Mani
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    LOGO Image provided

    Please put Phone Sector on it. Make it look nice and professional. Images are not required but if you can put them in the logo in a nice way that would be great. Thanks
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    easy pts!

    XXXXXXX its a gr8 site!! register and post username and I will give u 5 pts!! -MAni
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    40 points for a button!

    Hi, i need a small click button with dimensions 88x28. All it must say is phonesector but should have a firly nice design. Id appreciate any help guys. Thanks 40 points MAX! please make it nice and do it soon!... after u make it upload it on XS.TO and give me da link! THANKS!!!! -Mani