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    All help appreciated

    Hi there once again. I've rearranged the page a little bit, added some hover effects, displayed more photos, introduced places for descriptions, etc. (see ). Could you see the site once again and tell what you think about it? Thanks in advance, Maras
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    All help appreciated

    Thanks all for your comments! Alexa8 it doesn't hurt ;) Actually I liked it. Unfortunately the color was chosen by the customer and I have no influence here. The green cart... It was my idea to make it the first thing user see on the site. It was when I started to project the site. Now I...
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    All help appreciated

    Hi there. Just finished new project. One can see it here . I would be grateful if you could review the site and let me know where are the places for improvements. Cheers!
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    Extra width in firefox

    I've checked your site in FF 3.5, IE6 and IE8 and it looks pretty much the same in all those browsers. I don't see any 'extra width'. Screenshot would be helpful. The only bug I found was missing png transparency fix for IE6 but who cares about IE6 nowadays?
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    Review My Site For Better Ranking

    I suggest you to add some space over the banner and below the footer - it will make the site "cleaner". The hover effect for all the links looks strange in opera (crossover). I like the simplicity of the site but amount of the ads is annoying ;)
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    Any constructive comments?

    Finally found time for fixing the annoying pixel ;) Anyone has any other ideas of improvement?
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    Any constructive comments?

    Hi all, Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately it is not possible to change logo of my client. I will change it as soon as I have some time. Thanks for being so precise ;) Cheers, Maras
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    Any constructive comments?

    Hi all, I've set up a new site recently - . Any constructive comments or ideas for improvement? Thanks in advance for your time, I know it's precious ;) Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Maras
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    feedback appreciated for

    You should think about making the logo smoother - its edges look terrible now. And the font should be a little bit bigger probably - I have pretty good sight and I'm tired after reading first 2 lines (I use Opera 10). Anyway, pretty good layout. I like the simplicity. The last thing is...
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    Javascript Advance Timer

    You should check the input before starting timer. I entered 0h 0m -1s and timer is hanging on -1h 59m 58s ;) Cheers, Maras
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    mySQL and ASP.NET

    You should login to the cPanel and use "MySQL Databases" tool to create user and then add the user to the database (using the same tool). Then: host: "localhost" port: empty Username and password - as you entered in MySQL Databases.
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    Review my sites layout

    Now I see the site. Pretty nice layout. I opened it in Opera 10 beta 3 (my default browser) and I see some bugs. I added a screenshot with marked problems. Anyway, your design is very clean and simple, which I treat as an advantage. The only thing I would change is the blue colour - I...
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    Review my sites layout

    I got: >This is a free domain name >The domain is not in use. If you want to build >a site at this address, please visit us at Are you sure it's the correct address?
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    Computer Company

    I do really discourage using tables for the layout - tables should be used for displaying tabular data only! Wanna know more about it? Read here Cheers, Maras
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    Developing a site with a possibility of linking to ones site for free

    Looks like no one managed to break the code yet ;) So I'm letting google to index the page. Thanks for all those who tried to help. If you want to place a link to your site on my site, just let me know of put the link here: Cheers, Maras