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    any 1 know how 2 sort this out tnx
    guys how do you change or add your name servers i remember it is at the start of the process but i cant find the option now tnx
    pointed @ both ns 1/2 i cut and pasted from the page or 2 before and registered ma24.co.cc with x10 first pls have a look @ the following:
    your account is currently in good standing
    Hosting Type -Ad-Free
    Email Address -marcosalexander@live.co.uk
    Account ID -TJP0479005876
    Username -ma24
    Domain -ma24.co.cc
    Server -Absolut.x10
    Creation Date -6:26pm thu, jan 28 2010
    Package -adfree-adfree
    Advertisement -Not Required
    Disk Space -1024M allotted
    Bandwidth -10240M allotted
    PHP Version -5.2.8 Version 1 - Basic
    Your Website Address -http://ma24.co.cc
    cPanel URL -http://absolut.x10hosting.com:2082
    Your Name servers are set to MA24.CO.CC

    change it to

    Name server1 = ns1.x10hosting.com
    Name server2 = ns2.x10hosting.com
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