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    Resolved is x13 is down?

    unable to reach or ping x13 server @
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    Unable to access mail

    I'll be giving that a go tonight. Thanks very much mate!
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    Unable to access mail

    Any chance of getting a response on this one? I've been down now for days and will have to jump ship soon.
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    Unable to access mail

    Hello! I'm having trouble reaching my mail accounts. My email addresses all appeared to have changed from my TLD to the x10 subdomain. Please advise how i can restore those email addresses and what url i should be pointing my app to for login. Thank you!
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    [Offer][Variable] Make Alot Of x10Credits 3 Different Ways!

    thanks for this offer...its been a while since ive been here :)
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    reset password

    hey ive paid for an account for a year, i forget the login details (username and password) the domain should be if anyone can help that would be great thnx
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    best antivirus Norton or Mcafee

    preach on the neither haha, both are pretty close to junk, you need something lightweight not a hog nod32 is nice
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    [Contest] New Users Titles

    Noobie Members Member+ Members++ Power-Members Power-Members+ Power-Members++ x10 Resident (at least 1-2 year + post count) x10 Senior Resident (at least 2-3 year member + post count)
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    [NEED ADMIN] account gone -.-

    hey i had signed up for the development paid package i think i forgot to link to my forum account, but i believe that the account has been deleted username should be spectre email signed up i thought that on the paid server that accounts were not pruned?
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    New Site (FBox)

    they shoiuld have all offers and prizes up within the next 12 hours... so far they only have 2 offers for canada, 4 pts gets you $2 and 40 pts gets u $25 definitely worth a check out :) EDIT: Its 6 pts for a Top Level Domain ;)
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    chateau beauvallon

    im not sure about others on the forum, but for some reason this ad nearly always shows just under the forum task bar, and for some reason the menus always pop under it, and only this ad has the problem...anyone else?
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    Help me choose a CMS

    hey all looking for a new cms for my new site! Main features NEEDED! -Something with a home landing page -A message board (preferably something like smf, phpbb, etc) -Something themeable -Something with a visual cart (yes a shopping cart this is a MUST!) all of these features do not...
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    Zen Cart + phpBB

    so...zen cart and phpbb are supposed to be able to work together for member management (there is an option in zen to turn on phpbb integration where you can choose your forum username during signup) ive got that turned on and configured in the /includes/configure.php and still its not working...
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    [REQ] Forum + Secure Shop integration

    basically what i am looking for is a free solution to have a shop and forum integrated (like phpbb2 + OS C) something of the nature where a user can sign up under one name and have a seamless visit from the shop and the community name your price here
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    terminated accounts

    alright the situation is that my account was terminated on 8/22 for no activity. username spectre. the system will not allow me to create a new account saying that i already have an account, is there any way to get an account manually created or is there a way around this?