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  • Thanks. I'm not sure how it works on Windows. I deciphered the Studio's auto-generated HTML and it just points to an .application file it creates. I guess it's just an executable like any old .exe file. But you click the button and it all works (on windows).

    I'll probably just install Linux and do this all myself as the 100 credit offer doesn't seem to motivate any of the 17 year olds.
    Good to see your site back up. I'm watching your request for help from mono users; lets hope you get something a little more positive... Have you seen MoMA on mono's website. It's an app that tests for compatibility with the mono framework, and tells you where you application may fail. I haven't tested this on a .application, so I'd be interested in the results. I mostly target 3.5, so I don't really play with any of these tools, so I'm learning from your results. Good luck man.
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