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    oi oi

    oi oi
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    Just saying hi

    Hello good to meet you all?
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    Love you guys

    Awwwww....... i love your website and forum :) Thanks Mix net radio staff __________________________ GAMING ZONE @ MIX NET RADIO COMING SOON!
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    Gettting a forum on your website?

    Yea i will see how things go.... Thanks for all your help though... if anyone else has any ideas then feel free to post it here i apriciate it all
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    Getting a members page how?

    Yes i am looking for getting a members page. I want to allow people to join my website and be able to login. Is there anyway i can do this? Help?
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    Gettting a forum on your website?

    Yes but.... i want to have my own design on the forum i dont want to pick a design i have used the advice you gave me before i already knew about that . So i want to have my own design on the forums page which i use on all my other pages?
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    Gettting a forum on your website?

    Hello does anyone know a good site i can use to get a forum onto my website. I need the html to put on my site. Anyone know any good forums i can USE?
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    a list of what is playing on your radipo server?

    If anyone knows how to get the code that listswhat song is playing on my radio server then please share the code. I use shoutcast server and have been searching for this code for at least 1 month. Anyone?
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    Graphics designers read this!

    If anyone out there knows how to make xat chat designs and banners that look amazing and would like to make me one then post back here. or send me a private messege
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    I need help...

    i dont understand what you mean? Can you explain some more becuase i went to the site you gave me and all it came up with is not found ?
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    New here

    New to x10hosting yes i am! i am new here i run my own radio station and loves community forums and blogs etc . If you guys want to check out my website which is still in the making in beta testing which means i am updating it everyday to try to make it a better experience...
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    Free Domain(Read This)

    Yes i can. If your from the Uk or can send a check to the UK then go to and you can get your domain for as cheap as £1.95 and then point your domain name to x10hosting servers and it will work brilliantly! i did My website is : if...