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    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    I have it, and play on it every now and then, but in the last week, despite not having used it, or that hard drive at all, it's messed up the install? It looks great and I love it, a definite improvement on Vista when the full version comes out!
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    Do you believe in God?

    I believe in God, lots of people have asked for proof of his existence, which is fair enough, it's the logical thing to do. Here are a few arguments I have heard. Firstly, if you look at the world around us, surely you notice how meticulously everything works together. At least, it would if...
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    Battle of the Browsers

    If you ask me it's Safari without question, it is equally, if not more, reliable than Firefox, and I find it much more down to earth, with now huge shiny buttons which eat resources, and everything is just where you expect it. As well as the fact that it renders pages noticeably faster than any...
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    Firefox Problem HelpMe pls

    If you have the google search bar or toolbar installed on both programs then chances are that's the problem, look at your settings and fiddle around.
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    ATI or Nvidia Graphics Card?

    Ironically, seeing as at the moment I run an ATi X1600 PRO I choose Nvidia, because they are often involved in game-development and their cards are definitely gamer-based.
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    Game---Big Speller

    A is for arachnophobia.
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    The Medicine, The Doctor...They DON'T HELP..

    No comment anyone? If not I'm going to take that to mean my argument was a good one :)
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    Half life 1-2 + Futures

    The Half Life series is, in my opinion, by far one of the best series around, the fact that they have made so many expansions etc and it still sells is incredible.
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    Freaky test

    I came up with a dog eating a grapefruit in England lol good test!
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    What is your biggest USB stick?

    Mine is a 1GB Cruzer Micro from SanDisk (U3) which is invaluable as I have all my coursework backed up on it! I don't use it for much apart from work really, if I need to transport more stuff I use my laptop...
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    what are your plans for christmas and new year?

    Christmas we spent some time with some family friends which was good, and on New Year's Day I'm taking the train to go and see my girlfriend! :) A few days away from everything should do me good :)
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    My computer isn't reading DVD's

    I have similar problems with my drive. The main reason is that a lot of disks are copy-protected, and a simple but crude version of this is to stop a computer with a DVD-writer from reading disk. I have a second PC with a newer drive, which doesn't have this problem, so an easy, but possibly...
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    The Medicine, The Doctor...They DON'T HELP..

    I'm afraid that's simply untrue, my mother is a GP, and if you were to look at her books, in this case the ones documenting various diseases, or even the British Medical Journal, any disease documented will have (if known) the common causes, risk areas, and if not known, it will state possible...
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    Free Software

    Free software is free for a number of reasons; - It may be a limited version of some commercial software, a form of advertising. - It may be open source, built by a community. - It might be made by someone in their study, who is annoyed at a lack of a program, or a lack of an affordable program...
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    Last Meal

    I'd have my Dad's steak with peppercorn sauce, followed by my Gran's apple pie... Like Max said, I wanna eat good before I die... plus it would cheer me up :/