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    Fatal Error May Have Caused With My WordPress Site

    Thanks for your cooperation. Can you please point out me how can I overcome future permission errors. ( As it occurred automatically I think) . And can you please increase my alloted storage quota.
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    Fatal Error May Have Caused With My WordPress Site

    Hello, Today when I tried to install new plugin I found a 403 Forbidden Error. WP-ADMIN > PLUGIN > ADD NEW and also for the page WP-ADMIN > PLUGIN > PLUGIN EDITOR. I have tried to resolve the issue by deactivating all Plugin ... NO HELP... Then I checked the directory. And reset the...
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    I can't access my website

    Whenever I try it shows that my request is being verified. I can't access at all.
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    Enabe Imagick

    Go to PHP My Admin> Select PHP version 7.4 > Tap set as current > Now look at the extensions and mark the check box for "Imagick" ... Now you are all set.
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    I can't access to Direct Admin. Shows Error 500

    Hey, My domain is ... Today while accessing my site I found it down. Now I also can't access to my control panel. Is my account suspended or there is other errors? I am in x15...