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    Found this...

    Hey i found this site that reviews your website for free.... i think it looks cool and seems to be worth it since its free :eek4:
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    Tables reaching Top and Bottom

    Over the years i was never able to make a html version of a website thats why i never made any of my PSD Images into a usable theme but now i have learned that all it takes is tables :D but i want to make the top of the webiste and the footer of the website reach the top and bottom of the...
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    I Need Forum Rules

    Hey im starting a website soon and need a good and easy forum rules so i can post i have done google searches but most forum rules don't match the details i need i really need a forum rule that is: Helpful to the members who read it Not too Aggressive, so it doesn't scar off the user Something...
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    Point domains to differnt folders?

    Hi this is a very dumb and noobish question for me but lets say i have and each domain is already parked , how do i get each domain to point to another folder for ex: -> public_html/domain1 ->...
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    How do i Flush my COX IP?

    I just got Cox Internet and when i go: RUN> COMMAND > ipconfig /release > ipconfig /renew i keep getting the same IP isn't that the dynamic ip changer b/c it should change my ip when i had Static with DS EXtreme every website i visited said thats how you change you ip but i keep getting the...
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    N2PG'S Request Store [Banners,Buttons,Logos]

    If you need Banners , Small Buttons, Logos for your websites please fill in the following information just copy and paste the style from the code at the bottom of this post. Rules: No Adult or any other requests that are not support but x10's T.O.S Requests will takes from 1-3 days to make...
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    WYSIWYG [TinyMCE] Help for 150 Points

    Ok TinyMCE is a WYSIWYG script in JAVASCRIPT when i enable it so that all my comment boxes turn to WYSIWYG so that the user who is contacting me can add images and have a better room to explain requests and give feedback.... but when i receive the Email instead of seeing: Hi i think you need a...
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    wn Ads

    own Ads Yeah im not sure if this has been asked beofre but are we allowed to post Both X10hostings and and Other ads like Aflliate programs that pay not takeing over X10's ads Like this ========= X10hosting Ad here =========== Website Content ================ Website Content...
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    Help me get a PS3 !

    Help me get a PS3: i waited in the freaking line from nov 16 and on 17 when they got 20 ps3s me and some whatother people didnt get one so please if you can click on this and use my Reffer so i can get a PS3 Dam you EB Games!!! they let this one get buy 10 ps3s without any questions...
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    ProxySite Script

    Okay Since X10hosting has its very own ProxySite viewer i was wondering of making my own so i can give my site more FETs.... Need more info if this is possiable for a user and if not why can x10hosting have it and i cant ... Dont tell me to set in teh back of the bus! === Script:=== PHProxy 4.0
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    Rapid to paid

    ive talked ot a friend and he really wants ot get a hosting here but the thng is that sometimes this services has downtimes and since the hostings good i was wondering if he gets the paid 12.95 c per month one since he wants teh biggest bandwith and this this the best affordable one vs other...
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    Http:/ Offline

    I think i've seen this before but here it gos another *****ie :D is there any info on when the http:// will be Back online Thnx :D
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    whats this account thing?

    Okay ive been gone for a long time and i dont get how ot get X10 Cahs isnt my Points my cahs please sone one explain...
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    Multi-Theft-Auto [GTA SA Multiplayer]

    I was wondering if any oen here plays GTA SA MTA ?? if so replay bc my new website is about MTA Maps that peopel creat so if you do join my website and stay tooned bc i haven't been here for a long time and i couldn't manage the site while i was busy so just let me if you play it... or if you're...
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    Prey Demo [PC]

    Game Info: Prey tells the story of Tommy, a Cherokee garage mechanic stuck on a reservation going nowhere. His life changes when an otherworldly crisis forces him to awaken spiritual powers from his long-forgotten birthright. Abducted along with his people to a menacing mothership orbiting...