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ive talked ot a friend and he really wants ot get a hosting here but the thng is that sometimes this services has downtimes and since the hostings good i was wondering if he gets the paid 12.95 c per month one since he wants teh biggest bandwith and this this the best affordable one vs other crappy sites that give u 5 gb bandwith for 34 this this the best my only concern is the few downtimes and this iste will be a OS and much more tech stuff wich they have had up for years and now they want to get back to and wich they will use adbrite to put ads for $2,000,000 per day... so this web site will be drinking bandwith like alcholic... is there any bandwith upgrades that can reach 1tb ?

Plz replay i have not told my friend about the dTs his website cannot have not even 1 DT....

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