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    disappointed little bit

    hi, its like a decade since i joined this community, and now i see members from india are not allowed to host website, was thinking to buy premium but not sure if that allowed either.
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    Came back after a long time and its shocking for me

    I always feel nostalgic when visiting old spots where I started my journey.
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    Came back after a long time and its shocking for me

    Hi, i have been a member of x10 since very long time, in fact i started my journey as webmaster from x10 only, when i first developed my site in dreamweaver and was looking for a host to upload my site developed as my project, this association is very long, but i am quiet surprised now that x10...
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    Boring site, but it's all I know.

    what is your site concept, it looks like a landing page.
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    i want to host a hiv/aids related site

    hi, i want to host a hiv/aids related site, am i allowed to host it here
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    hosting of medical/healthcare site

    hi, i just wanted to know if i am allowed here to host a site related to health care/HIV aids, it might contain some pics, and mature issues
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    site is down

    its abcdex32
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    site is down

    hi my site is down i am on lite server i think :)
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    500 Internal Server Error

    there seems to be a problem with server directory structure...any admin plz check
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    500 Internal Server Error

    my site is down its showing 500 Internal Server Error domain
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    how to setup domain for easy mail access

    hi i wanted to setup a domain something like, where i can simply add in my login and access my mail, is it possible if yes then how
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    Free traffic for your site

    content is king... i am not against traffic xchange but only realy visitor help you to earn through adsense...
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    my new project techindia

    dear friends please have some time to review my new site, its onn free domain but after some success will move it to new domain, its a new site and will make some promo for this as well( link xchange, review)
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    why i am not able to register for a free hosting with my forum name

    anyways.. registered a account with my mail but got a silly username :)... hope its not illegal as i didnt do that it happened by default
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    i am back after so long

    welcome bak too.. but now i feel more comfortable working in 9-6 environment.. ordering other to do or not to do.. and some time rcvng orders from my bosses as well... and at every month end a good amount in pocket.. but online adventure will remain continue... as i was not earning so much doing...