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    First Gaming Community Game Planet

    It's a little plain. I think you should at least try changing the colors of the default Joomla! template.
  2. N (2008) streamreader help.

    I am currently working on a program which reads in a series of strings from a text file. Each line represents a clock in or clock out from an employee (Each employee has an individual text file). Each line in the text file matches the following format exactly: IN 08/28/2006 06:48...
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    Final 2010 Contest Giveaway

    Wow, I fail.
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    Best Linux Distribution

    I personally like Ubuntu. Being a linux newbie, the tons and tons of written documentation (specifically other people's previous forum questions) have helped me a lot.
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    I love minecraft. A friend of mine runs a server off of an X10 VPS. It works rather well (I think he's going to upgrade his package soon, because it's pretty close to the Memory cap a lot of the time.) I also play Beta a lot.